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Growing Your Gym
Shouldn’t Be So Hard

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Hunter Charneski, Founder and CEO, StoryBrand Certified

A gym owner turned sprint coach turned marketing consultant. Hunter’s experience in the strength and conditioning industry has been nothing but service-based.

Given his track record, he understands how hard it is to grow a gym. From wearing all the hats, to wanting to transcend from business to legacy, Hunter knows how it feels to be a gym owner.
Hunter can help you build your business. He went from having less than $200 in his bank to giving his gym away in a year. He loves helping gym owners implement periodized marketing plans that build their business while they build athletes.

Take a look at Hunter’s profile on StoryBrand’s Certified Guide database.

The Best Damn Marketing Podcast

If you’re looking for solid marketing information and inspiration in life and business, then check out Hunter’s podcast. You won’t be disappointed.

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