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The Life You Haven’t Lived.


Written by Hunter Charneski

June 1, 2020

You’re dying.

I apologize for the shock value such a statement provides. I will not apologize, however, for it being the wake up call you need.

Sun rises, as beautiful as they are, bring with them a sobering reality: your life is one day closer to coming to an end. I don’t know what’s worse: Knowing you won’t live forever and not doing anything about it, or choosing to not acknowledge this irrefutable truth. Let me assure you, you are going to die. The question is, did you live the life you were designed to? Or did you treat your time on earth no different than a board game? Go to school. Get a job. Start a 401k. Retire. Get on medicare. Die.

Call me a hippie if you’d like, but I think the life you’re living shouldn’t be linear all the way to the grave. You deserve to tap into what you were made for. It is your gift to the world.

Society will buck your aspirations every chance it gets. Don’t listen. Public opinion is synonymous with the National Enquirer. In fewer words, fuck em. I’m sure you’ve heard stories similar to this: woman learns she has cancer. Six-months to live. Quits her job within days. Resumes her dream of pursuing [insert purposeful passion]. Her friends are convinced she has lost her mind. As for her? She has never been happier. Oh, and did I mention the cancer went into remission shortly after?

Let me try and wrap my mind around this. Okay, here we go. You mean to tell me, in order for us to live the life we were meant to, the Grim Reaper needs to tap on our shoulder? The life we’re currently living needs to be turned completely upside down for us to come to our senses? Do we need to succumb to addiction, develop compulsive cell phone use, or form a damn tumor in our brain before we do what our hearts have been calling us to?

Imagine what your life would look like if you were doing what you loved? What you were born to do. Now, what if everyone on the planet had the courage to pursue their true calling? How would things change? Well, I can tell you right now prisons wouldn’t be as crowded. Booze and cigarettes would go extinct. Same goes for fast food, domestic abuse, and the entire pharmaceutical industry. Hell, road rage might even disappear. Why? One word: happiness. When you do that which you were designed for, how could you possibly want, or need anything? Your life would be abundant, whole, complete.

Listen, I’m not a motivational speaker. Nor am I Tony effing Robbins. But, I can tell you I have been where you’re at. The transition from the life you’re living to the life you haven’t lived is a scary one. I can also say, when you do pivot towards your purpose, strange things begin to happen. Life doesn’t get easier. If anything, it gets harder. Which is fine, because when you tap into the life you haven’t lived, your vocation isn’t the only thing that changes. Your perception shifts. What you once saw as chores now are seen as challenges, and you welcome them.

What is the life you haven’t lived? I don’t know. Only you can answer that. However, I do know right now there is a small voice chirping between your ears. It is clamoring for you to change course. It has for as long as you can remember.

Living a life not intended for you is tragic. Worse yet, not having the guts to take action. Unless you silence your inner critic and regain control, the life you should have lived will be your undertaker. Leaving you six-feet under. Dead, cold, and full of regret.

You’re dying. And if you don’t chase the life you haven’t lived, you’ll die twice. Once as the person society molded you into, and again as the person you could have been.


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